Greedy Steed Handy Twine Cutter

Greedy Steed Twine Cutter

Makes short work of twine - opens hay bales quickly and easily.

A must have for every feed shed and handy to keep in the float.

Vetpro B- Boost Vitamin Syringe

Vet Pro B Boost - for your Equine Athlete!

High dose B-Group Vitamins and Betaine - for horses involved in strenuous activity.

Trix Tick Lasso - Tick Removal Tool

The Trix Tick Lasso makes tick removal quick, easy, and painless.

Suitable for use on all animals as well as humans!

Smart Tie - The Safe Clip

The Ultimate Horse Tying and Training Tool endorsed by Josh Lyons. Can you imagine never having to tie your horse again? And being able to easily adjust the length of your rope to suit any of your needs? The Smart Tie Safe Clip allows you to do this and so much more!

TetherRing Pack

Increase your tying options with the Smart Tie TetherRing! The TetherRing is a simple and versatile tool - not only does it enhance the function of The Clip by giving you more tying options, The TetherRing has many other uses.

OZtrail Tyre Mounting Step

Handy tyre step for mounting your horse or for reaching up into a roof box.

Fits most cars, SUV and 4WD tyres.

Equibrim - Shapeable Sunsafe Helmet Brim

The Equibrim is designed to be added to most adult size riding helmets.

It has a wired brim edge, so can be shaped as you wish.


Retractable Horse Hand Measure

Handy retractable horse height measurement tape in 'Hands'

Healing Tree Tea-Pro® Wound Spray

Healing Tree Tea-Pro Wound Spray

This easy-to-use product works with your horse’s natural defences in the healing and treatment of minor wounds, lacerations, cuts and other wounds involving the skin and underlying dermal tissue layers.