Tack - General

Rope Quirt

Flexible rope quirt with stamped leather popper

Often used in Barrel Racing.

Riding Crop

Very lightweight riding crop with a rubberised wrist loop and a grippy handle.

These are perfect for those that don't like holding something heavy, or those that use a crop to tap their horse onto a float.

Jumping Bat

Jumping Bat  with rubberised wrist loop, top hat end and handle.

Woven covered shaft (8mm at widest point). Hand wound joiner to leather two piece flapper.

High quality stylish jump bat with a woven covered shaft and a hand-wound joiner complete with a two piece leather flapper.

Splint Boots - Full Set of 4

Matching front and hind boots..

Brand New soft neoprene with padded suede cushioning.

Ultra Bit Refresher - 940 mL

Leaves a pleasant peppermint taste and a bright lustre on your bit.
Disinfects and cleans.

Encourages your horse to open it's mouth for the bit when being bridled.

Cowboy Cavesson

Cowboy Cavesson Noseband

Cavallino Fancy Browband

Cavallino Premium Browband - manufactured from specially selected Italian leather.

Beautifully decorated with crystals, beads and silver decorations.