Leads & Equigear Lead Ropes

All Equigear rope tack is made especially for us from top quality Australian made polyester equestrian rope sourced 100% from the one supplier (same as yachting rope but softer).  The Equigear branded leather poppers are made from real hand cut leather using a professional press.  All Equigear branded halter knots are mechanically tightened.


Equigear Horsemanship Lead - 2.5m/8ft - CAMO

Equigear branded 2.5m/8ft loop end lead rope - Camo Green/Brown/Cream


Equigear Horsemanship Lead - 4m/12ft - RED

Equigear branded 4m/12ft loop end lead rope - RED


Equigear Horsemanship Lead - 4m/12ft - BLACK/WHITE

Equigear branded 4m/12ft loop end lead rope - BLACK/WHITE


Equigear Horsemanship Lead - 7m/22ft - BROWN

Equigear branded 7m/22ft loop end lead rope - BROWN


Equigear Horsemanship Lead - 7m/22ft - BLUE/BLACK

Equigear branded 7m/22ft loop end lead rope - Blue/Black


Equigear Horsemanship Lead - 7m/22ft - NAVY

Equigear branded 7m/22ft loop end lead rope - NAVY


Smart Tie - The Safe Clip

The Ultimate Horse Tying and Training Tool endorsed by Josh Lyons. Can you imagine never having to tie your horse again? And being able to easily adjust the length of your rope to suit any of your needs? The Smart Tie Safe Clip allows you to do this and so much more!

TetherRing Pack

Increase your tying options with the Smart Tie TetherRing! The TetherRing is a simple and versatile tool - not only does it enhance the function of The Clip by giving you more tying options, The TetherRing has many other uses.