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Sweet Iron Loose Ring Snaffle

Black Sweet Iron Loose Ring Snaffle.

Very popular with western riders, as the rings are black too.

Sweet Mouth Offset Dee Snaffle with Copper Dots

The shaped Sweet Iron mouthpiece of these bits will rust and become "sweeter" in the horse's mouth the more they are used.

California Show Snaffle

Stunning stainless steel Futurity Show Snaffle with

German Silver engraved conchos in the centre of the bit rings

Apple Mouth Mullen Bit

Was $54.90
Lovely soft flexible bit with an apple flavour that horses love.

Sweet Mouth Full Cheek Training Snaffle w/ Disk Link

Similar to a Fulmer bit, this Full Cheek Sweet Iron Training Snaffle has the added centre disc to discourage horses from getting their tongue over the bit.

- Double jointed centre disc

Sweet Mouth Full Cheek Barrel Training Snaffle

This Full Cheek Sweet Iron Training Snaffle has a revolving barrel centre.

The barrel action encourages horses to produce saliva and will rust to become "sweeter" in the horses mouth with continued use.

Silver Futurity Snaffle

Beautiful loose ring Futurity Snaffle.

Rings are engraved German Silver

Sweet Iron Long Cheek Eggbutt

Popular for trainers of young horses and hunters alike, the Sweet Iron mouthpiece is designed to rust, giving full flavour which stimulates salivation.

The full cheeks prevent the bit being pulled through the mouth.

Pro Trainer Snaffle

Three piece bit with two joins, three copper rings, and copper inlay.  Short shanks.

Great transition bit from snaffle to curb.

Buckled Western Bitstrap

Dark brown indian leather bit strap with Horseshoe shaped centre buckle.

Bit Strap - Rolled Leather

Fine Rolled Leather Bit Straps

Also used as Lip Straps

Available in Black or Brown