Girths, Cinches, Latigos


Western To English Girth Converters

Convert your western or half breed saddle to be able to use a double buckle English girth with a pair of these converters!

Western Neoprene Cinch Girth

Western cinch

Neoprene with stainless steel rings

GGA Ring/Buckle String Cinch

15 strand white acrylic cord/string cinch with a solid fittings.

Equi-Prene Removeable Liner Cinch

This ring to ring cinch has a removeable neo-prene liner making it easy to clean.

The rings have no tongue buckle to poke you or your horse.

Super Soft Dressage Girth

Equi-Prene Elastic Comfort Dressage Girth
The softness of these girths is amazing!
They have a super soft squishy gel feel to them which is very luxurious.

GGA Cord Cinch

Lovely soft and strong acrylic cord cinch in brown and white tonings.

Flinders Stockman Campdraft Girth

Flinders Stockman Campdraft Girth

Popular for use on Stock Saddles and hunting as it has the double purchase buckle strap.

Equigear Cinch Ring Protectors

Exclusive to Equigear these handmade leather and fleece cinch protectors stop the cinch ring from digging into your horses side.