Saddle Blankets, Endurance & Trekking Pads



Forth Contoured Western Endurance Saddle Pad

Contoured western pad with extra shock absorbant padding along the bars.

Suitable for short backed horses as the spine length is only 24" long.

Dakota English Hunt Class Pad with Number Holder

Designed specifically for Western Hunter Class with provision to display the Rider class number on each side of the pad in plastic pockets.

Felt GP Shaped Pad

This is a synthetic Felt Mix GP shaped pad with a thickness of 1/2 inch (12mm)

One left in stock - ex shop display.


Equi Guard Cutback Memory Foam Support Pad

The  Equi Guard Cutback Memory Foam Support Pad improves saddle fit by contracting at pressure points and filling up gaps.

36 x 52xn