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Saddlefit Pro - DVD

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The Saddlefit  Pro 'How To' Easy Saddle Fitting Guide is an easy to follow DVD containing secrets saddle fitters don't want you to know!

If your horse has behaviour issues, a sore back , or is reluctant to go forward or do as you ask of him, it's likely his saddle doesn't fit him properly.

Beyond A Whisper

Training Horses with a New Language from the 'The Behaviourist' Ryan Gingerich - Founder of Connective Horsemanship.

Foreward by Dr.Andrew McLean of the Australian Equine Behaviour Centre.

Objective and effective, this is a valuable step by step guide by one of the foremost experts in equine behaviour.  It provides the tools to develop a means of clear communication between trainer and horse.

Clinton Anderson Lessons Well Learned

Clinton Anderson's Lessons Well Learned - "why my method works for any horse".

An instructional book with 20 great lessons from Downunder Horsemanship!

Frustrated by a horse that is lazy and slow to learn?  Frightened by an aggressive and disrespectful mount?  Unsure of how to take your good show prospect and make him great?  This one of a kind book dishes out sensible solutions to all these common problems and more - as Clinton guides you through the best ways to become a more confident, efficient and proactive horseperson.

Real Life With Horses

A fantastic, easy to read book that you will find yourself referring to again and again!

Covering everyday horse keeping matters and ideas on how to provide your equine partner with a life that suits their needs and yours!

Founder Facts - Care and Prevention

Founder Facts is a great easy to understand book by Jen Clingly and Marg Richardson.

This 28 page booklet was written to help horse owners with easy to understand information on founder and laminitis.
While there are lots of in depth books, articles and research papers on this subject, until now there hasn't been any easy to read and implement action plan outlined for those who have laminitic horses.