LightRider Rope Natural Bitless Bridle


The LightRider Rope Natural bitless bridle is ideal for educating, trail riding, endurance, horsemanship, and pleasure riding.

The Lightrider Rope Natural bridle gives your horse the most comfort and you the most versatility of use as a halter (to tie solid with a lead rope) and as a bitless bridle.

This is the original LightRider design and is popular for those who like the comfort and versatility of a rope halter design.

Comes with 10mm poly braid rope reins to match the size - these reins are designed for lightness and maximum release of the chinstrap. 

  • Ride or lead with ease and comfort
  • Your horse will love the releasing chinstrap and lightness of communication
  • Made of premium quality yacht braid rope with solid brass fittings. It is easily washed/dried
  • Ideal for training, trail riding, endurance, horsemanship, ponies and pleasure
  • Comes with black rope reins, browband, noseband and chinstrap
  • Available in all sizes from mini to warmblood/draught, and in coloured headstalls with covered noseband
  • Made of premium quality poly yacht braid rope (more hard wearing that the usual Tuff Tack rope) with solid brass fittings
  • Easy to wash and dry. (I put mine in a pillowcase closed up with a rubber band and into the washing machine it goes!)
  • The swivel snaps on the reins enable you to quickly unclip them to make a lead rope and are easily replaced
  • You can tie solid in this bridle when using a lead rope - or the reins without the rein clips on
  • The covered noseband is made of a soft, poly material, the same as that used for rope reins to provide more comfort for the horse
  • The LightRider Natural is made from the best marine rope and has top quality brass hardware that is strong, durable and rust proof.

Unique Chinstrap:
The purpose of the soft webbing chin strap is to help the noseband stay in place when pressure is applied to the reins - this keeps the noseband from twisting to give clear and direct communication.

When rein pressure is applied the chinstrap becomes snug but does not over-tighten due to the type of webbing used, so most of the pressure is on the top of the nose. This bridle is usually well accepted by sensitive horses.

Sizes/Colours:   Miniature Horse, Small Pony, Pony, Cob, Full, Warmblood/Draft. 

We have a varied colours in stock - choose from Black, Purple, Blue, Forest Green, Red with Black Fleck, Black/White or Brown/White Zig Zag. 

Not all colours in stock at all times - please be aware that an ordered-in colour may take up to 2-3wks to arrive.

Pony reins measure  2m
Cob reins measure 2.6m (100")
Full reins measure 3m (118")
W'Blood/Draft reins measure 3.6m (142")