Lightrider Reins - Leather

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Lightrider Leather Reins match the leather bridles in 5/8" drum dyed leather for those who love the traditional leather look and feel.

(Clips are extra).


Leather Lightrider reins to match your Lightrider Bitless Bridle.

Optional Extra scissor rein clips providing versatility of use.
Easy unclipping allows leading/ground work, or remove them easily for tying up with a lead rope, as reins are not suitable for tying a horse.

The clips are lightweight so there is breaking point in the rein. If a horse steps on the rein its better to break a clip than the bridle or your horse!

All the Lightrider reins are designed to be light enough (< 300g) to allow good release on the bitless bridle/noseband chinstrap.

Looped (on rope reins) or buckled ends make it easy to replace or change the clips.  

Leather Rein Sizes/Colours:  Available in three sizes:
Cob Rein measures(2.6m/100")
Full Rein measures(3m/118")
W'blood/Draft Rein measures (3.6m/142") 

(Clips extra - Click on Accessories and Clips to add them to your order)