Equibrim - Shapeable Sunsafe Helmet Brim

Outdoor Connection

The Equibrim is designed to be added to most adult size riding helmets.

It has a wired brim edge, so can be shaped as you wish

- western hat style

- general sun hat style

- or bent low down for more of a coolie hat sun shade


The Equibrim is designed and made here in Hamilton, NZ so you are buying KIWIMADE!
The Equibrim is made of waterproof canvas and with a tight stretchy neoprene centre which allows it to fit most adult size helmets.

The outer edge of the brim is designed to be hand shaped.
Some people shape it to make their helmet look as close to a western hat as possible and others push the brim down right around completely to make it a sunshade type hat.

A canvas shade flag can be sewn onto the back (by order only).

The brim sits down low along the edge of the hat and the stretchy centre piece is then folded over for extra security.
Some have sewn decorative bands around this folded edge in "their colours" others have tied a scarf or secured a hat band belt around it - all this is done just to personalise your hat the way you like it.
Youn can bend the Equibrim right down to a sunshade in seconds.  Others like it shaped up like a western hat or somewhere in-between!

Colours available:  Tan Brown with Black Trim OR Plain Black