Real Life With Horses


A fantastic, easy to read book that you will find yourself referring to again and again!

Covering everyday horse keeping matters and ideas on how to provide your equine partner with a life that suits their needs and yours!

At last!  A book for those of us who keep horses for pleasure, to suit our New Zealand conditions and lifetyle.

Real Life With Horses is a practical handy reference on everyday horse keeping matters and includes ideas on how to provide our equine friends with a life which suits their needs as well as our own.

If you are new to horses, this book will help you get started too - right from finding the right horses, setting up and maintaining paddock, tack, covers and horsefloats.

Also covered is feeding, health and maintenance as well as first aid, hoof care and shared tips about horsemanship, building your confidence, and getting out and about and having fun!