Extra Greedy Steed Premium Large Haynet with 3cm Holes

Greedy Steed

If you have an extra Greedy Steed then try this Greedy Steed Premium Knotless Haynet with smaller 3cm holes!

3cm holes encourage natural trickle feeding and slow fast eaters down.  The holes are small enough to get hay out but not let hooves tangle in the net - so this net is great for ground feeding.

The drawstrings on Greedy Steed Premium Nets are a different colour to the net, so they are easier to find.

The drawstring is made from polyester rope, the same as used in quality rope halters, which is easy to tie and untie. The drawstrings are long to make tying up a breeze.

  • 3cm square holes
  • Soft feel knotless braid netting
  • High quality polyester rope drawstring
  • Contrasting 'easy find' drawstring
  • No metal parts to rust
  • Hay biscuit shaped to make loading easier
  • Groovy green net colour
  • Large size only

Net measurements:  70cm wide x 80cm long