Western Pads

Kids Trooper Western Saddle Pad

Trooper Kids Western Saddle Pad - a mini me of Mum and Dad's Pad!

SALE PRICE - $39.00 - Were $69.90


Dakota English Hunt Class Pad with Number Holder

Designed specifically for Western Hunter Class with provision to display the Rider class number on each side of the pad in plastic pockets.

Navajo Rounded Barrel Pad

Specifically designed to fit short backed horses or short rounded barrel saddles, this Navajo Fleece Pad fits the bill for a reasonable price.

Dakota Supa Tough Work Saddle Pad

Dakota Brand hard wearing shock absorbing western pad with suede wear leathers.

33 x 31"

Western Built-Up Heavy Pad

Heavy western saddle pad that's built up with thick foam in the shoulder/with area only.

This is a great pad for giving your western saddle some front lift - or for giving your horse some wither relief.


Mayatex Ranger Hogan Saddle Blankets

Ever popular quality Mayatex Brand Ranger Hogan saddle blankets.

Lovely bright, strong colours!

Made of the washable acrylic/polyester mix with a tight woven construction.

Size: 36" x 34"