Kids Trooper Western Saddle Pad

Trooper Kids Western Saddle Pad - a mini me of Mum and Dad's Pad!

SALE PRICE - $39.00 - Were $69.90


Navajo Rounded Barrel Pad

Specifically designed to fit short backed horses or short rounded barrel saddles, this Navajo Fleece Pad fits the bill for a reasonable price.

Curved Thick Felt Western Pad

Curved Short Backed Felt Western Pad - SP13

  • The perfect pad for short backed quarter horses or ponies or if you use a halfbreed saddle.
  • Great Barrel Racing pad
  • Also used under GP saddles.
  • Real, soft Felt - wicks away moisture
  • 25mm thickness

This is a lovely thick pad with smooth curves forming a rounded shape that doesn't overtake the horses back or sit over their loins.

Western Built-Up Heavy Pad

Heavy western saddle pad that's built up with thick foam in the shoulder/with area only.

This is a great pad for giving your western saddle some front lift - or for giving your horse some wither relief.