Lightrider Bitless Bridles

Lightrider Dressage Bridle

Aboslutely stunning!

Perfect for bitless dressage competition, this stunning leather bridle has a raised shiny patent browband and noseband with thick soft white cushioning underneath.

The white edge and patent gloss excudes class and style.

LightRider Rope Natural Bitless Bridle

The LightRider Rope Natural bitless bridle is ideal for educating, trail riding, endurance, horsemanship, and pleasure riding.

The Lightrider Rope Natural bridle gives your horse the most comfort and you the most versatility of use as a halter (to tie solid with a lead rope) and as a bitless bridle.

LightRider Euro Raised Leather Bitless Bridle

The LightRider Euro Bitless Bridle is a classy, traditional European style bridle.

It features a raised and padded browband, noseband and a comfort padded single headpiece.

LightRider Rope Performer Bitless Bridle

The LightRider Performer is suited for situations where the horse wears the bridle for longer periods, as in endurance riding, or when rein contact is maintained in dressage, eventing or jumping. Available in a variety of colours depending on what we have in stock or we can order in for you.

LightRider Western Bitless Bridle - Scalloped

The LightRider Scalloped Western Bridle is perfect for Western Breeds, Barrel Racing, Western Showing, Western Pleasure, Cutting, Reining or Trekking.



LightRider English Style Bitless Bridle - Regular Leather

The LightRider English Style Bitless Bridle is a classy traditional looking bridle at an affordable price. Suitable for hacking, and general use, ideal for shows, pony club, jumping, dressage, hunters and adult riding clubs.

LightRider English Style Bitless Bridle - Beta Biothane

The LightRider English Style Beta Biothane Bridle is an excellent easy care traditional looking alternative to leather.
A great general use bridle.

LightRider Stockhorse Bitless Bridle - Beta Biothane

The LightRider Stockhorse Style Bitless Bridle is made from top of the line USA Beta Biothane. 

This is a beautifully soft easy care bridle that is vastly superior to leather in softness and durability.

 It is a bridle that will last a lifetime!

NOTE: By Order Only