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Equibrim - Shapeable Sunsafe Helmet Brim

The Equibrim is designed to be added to most adult size riding helmets.

It has a wired brim edge, so can be shaped as you wish

- western hat style

- general sun hat style

- or bent low down for more of a coolie hat sun shade


Do Or Do Knot® BREAKAWAY Halter

Do Or Do Knot®  Rope Halter with Clip Latch to secure and the added security of a LEATHER BREAKAWAY LOOP

Do Or Do Knot® - there is no tie!


LightRider Best Bareback Pads - Real Suede

LightRider Bareback pads come in high quality Real Suede with a felt lining and removeable girth points.

Unlike most other Bareback Pads  the Lightrider Best Bareback Pad is designed without girth strap pressure over the wither area.


Lightrider Treeless Shimmed Saddle Pad

Cotton Treeless Saddle Pad designed to use with or without foam shim inserts.

Designed to match the Lightrider Best Bareback Pad and will suit most treeless, stock and half breed saddles.

HoofWraps Equine Bandage

Hoof Wraps is a multi-use, multi-purpose bandage for everyday horse hoof care and protection. Easily treat common hoof problems like horse hoof abscess, thrush and stone bruise, or use for protection after shoe loss.

Rough Riders Coir Mat

Elegant framed sihouette of three riders - coir door mat.

Hoof Wraps Soaker Sack

Hoof Wraps Brand Soaker Sacks offer another quick and easy solution for everyday hoof care.

They can be used for soaking or icing treatments.

Equine hoof soaking treatments are an ideal way to treat abscess, thrush, yeast and fungus infections, puncture wounds, foot bruising, laminitis and white line disease.



Healing Tree's HUUF MAGIC® - 473ml

Healing Tree's HUUF MAGIC® is an easily applied, non-messy penetrating treatment that effectively aids in the treatment of thrush, seedy toe, white line disease, coronary band scurf, mild cases of cracked heel bulbs and other problems associated with the sole, frog and hoof.

Lightrider Dressage Bridle

Aboslutely stunning!

Perfect for bitless dressage competition, this stunning leather bridle has a raised shiny patent browband and noseband with thick soft white cushioning underneath.

The white edge and patent gloss excudes class and style.

LightRider Rope Natural Bitless Bridle

The LightRider Rope Natural bitless bridle is ideal for educating, trail riding, endurance, horsemanship, and pleasure riding.

The Lightrider Rope Natural bridle gives your horse the most comfort and you the most versatility of use as a halter (to tie solid with a lead rope) and as a bitless bridle.

Extra Greedy Steed Premium Large Haynet with 3cm Holes

If you have an extra Greedy Steed then try this Greedy Steed Premium Knotless Haynet with smaller 3cm holes!

3cm holes encourage natural trickle feeding and slow fast eaters down.  The holes are small enough to get hay out but not let hooves tangle in the net - so this net is great for ground feeding.

Greedy Steed Full Bale Premium Knotless Hay Net with 4cm Holes

Greedy Steed Premium Knotless Slow Feed Hay Net


The Premium FULL BALE GREEDY STEED is  90cm wide and 130cm long.

  • Holds a full bale of hay
  • 4cm square holes
  • Soft feel knotless braid netting
  • High quality polyester rope drawstring
  • Contrasting colour drawstring
  • No metal parts to rust
  • Biscuit shaped to make loading easier